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Title: Take Me Out to a Film
Fandom: SPN attacks Vincent & Co. (PART II!)
Characters/Pairing: Vincent/Maion, with much Belial and Edward Blevins
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,069
Warnings: language, insanity, obscene geekery
Prompt: In the previous installment, there is talk of Vincent and Maion going to see "The Hobbit". [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75 wanted to know if they ever manage it. This happened.
Summary: Going to see An Unexpected Journey turns out to be A Tremendous Ordeal.
Author's Note: Dear Thorin/Bilbo shippers: I respect your pairing and regularly admire your amazing fanart.  It's nothing personal that Edward Blevins is not so openminded a fanboy. XDDDD Dear [livejournal.com profile] sabriel75: HOLY CRAP, WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?! I hope you enjoy the rampant nerdery, bb; I love you so very, very, very much. ♥;

Belial is singing. )

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Title: Tell Me I'm a Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Man
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,666
Warnings: language; it's slashtastic! (…these were here when I copy-pasted the header! XD); what is historical accuracy lololololol; mild blasphemy
Prompt: Belial in seduction mode
Summary: It is the best of times, it is the worst of times; Belial has a new pet, his new pet is a giant pain in the ass.
Author's Note: A very late holiday gift for [livejournal.com profile] 1_rhiannon_1!! ♥♥♥ Title is from House of Wolves, which… well, when the novel someday becomes a runaway bestseller, and they make an Oscar-winning movie adaptation, this is the song that'll play in the trailer. XD

Belial hopes Prohibition never ends. )

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Title: Subtle Devil's Traps and Other Pinterest Crafts
Fandom: SPN attacks Vincent & Co.
Characters/Pairing: Vincent/Maion!, with much Belial and Edward Blevins
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,118
Warnings: language (seriously), Belial being even more Belialish than usual
Prompt: All [livejournal.com profile] richelle2972 asked for was a Vincent/SPN crossover. The madness that resulted is entirely my own fault. XD
Summary: Maion has gone AWOL. Apparently Vincent is going to have to get the gang back together… by force.
Author's Note: I HOPE YOU LIKE IT, BB! ♥♥♥ And for anybody who has no idea what's going on, there's now a Vincent Catch-Up Post for your convenience. XD If you prefer to leap in and find out how friggin' freezing the water is the hard way, Vincent is a vampire, and I think the others all get explained. ^^;;

When everything’s in order, Vincent texts Belial no more or less than the words “I have a proposition for you.” )


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Title: The Bridegroom: Episode 5
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,860
Warnings: language, sexual situations, blasphemy, general inappropriateness, black-and-orange cocaine
Prompt: fancy dress party at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Desperate times call for desperate measures on The Bridegroom.  Good thing Belial is wearing his Big Demon Panties.
Author's Note:  It is so, so dangerous to go alone.  Enter at your own risk if you haven't seen the rest of the season: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 3.5, Episode 4, and Episode 4.5.  Since it’s been, uh, almost eight months since we last joined our intrepid reality TV heroes: The last we saw of the crew, they were out in Yucca, Belial's elaborate fake mining town, attempting to improvise a movie.  Lots of things went horribly wrong (as always), culminating in Rosalie getting tied up and left in the fake mine shaft; during Maion's rescue attempt, an explosive went off, and surviving his burial in the rubble deprived him of the last of his angel powers.

Maion hates the hospital more than he hates graffiti, noise pollution, and litter. )

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Title: It Was a Dark and Reasonably Temperate Night
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,342
Warnings: language, it's slashtastic!
Prompt: haunted at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Two teenaged boys stumble on a house full of monsters. Have you heard this one before?
Author's Note: Halloween is the best! \o/ Vincent's just bitter because he knows Maion is going to drag him out to see "Breaking Dawn" in less than a month. Also, Vincent usually calls Edward by his last name, which is "Blevins", but I forgot last time because I suck/have been writing FMA fic at an unholy speed. XD

Vincent had about three-hundred and sixty least-favorite nights of the year.  By his calculation, that put him four nights short of curmudgeonliness. )

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Title: In the Light of Day
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,420
Warnings: language, half-assed history
Prompt: hall of mirrors at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Vincent wishes that the forces of heaven and hell would stop pitching their morality battles in his sleeping brain.
Author's Note: …oops, I slash'd. Angels can't enter and meddle with dreams quite so well in canon, but it's the most fun ever for stuff like this. XD I suppose I should have specified somewhere that Vincent was born in 1739 and emigrated shortly before the Revolution, so Louis XVI was the monarch for the vast majority of his mortal life. Aaaaand… tragically, this ficlet spoils the best section of the actual book, which is when Vincent meets Maion during the D-Day invasion. LE SIGH, I suck like a vampire. :'D

Vincent knows it’s going to be a lousy day when he opens his eyes and finds King Louis the Sixteenth standing over him. )

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Title: The Delicious Baked Good Is a Lie
Rating: PG
Word Count: 647
Warnings: is it still crack if they're exactly like this in canon?; brief language; general trauma
Prompt: pies at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Some questions should never have to be answered. "What's the worst thing a Knight of Hell could put into a pie box?" is one of them.
Author's Note: …this is more like it. XD (Catch-up: Belial is a demon; Maion is a seraph; Vincent is a vampire; and Edward is a werewolf who works as a high-school janitor.)

In the approximately four billion years of his existence, Maion does not think he has ever seen a pink box inspire so much terror. )

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Title: Almost
Rating: G
Word Count: 506
Warnings: aaaaaaangst~
Prompt: the smell of autumn at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Vincent acquires some weird, mutated version of bird flu, which evidently turns his brain to mush.
Author's Note: Let's start the Pulped Fictions Event Vincent & Friends party with staggeringly uncharacteristic angst! XDDDD Maion = angel; Vincent = vampire from Saint-Malo, France; currently they're being slashtastic in the San Francisco area; now you are all caught up. X'D

“In the beginning,” Maion says, fingertips beautifully cool as they glide over Vincent’s forehead and stroke through his hair, “things were a bit different.” )

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Title: Heat
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Warnings: my vampire feedings always (quite intentionally) read like sex scenes
Prompt: tear at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Maion knows better, or he does when he can think.
Author's Note: Right! Maion = angel; Vincent = vampire; this = 100-word challenge, which I miraculously managed by not going into nearly as much detail as I would have liked. XD

Maion’s heart sticks in his throat. )

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Title: Greeks Bearing Gifts
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,078
Warnings: threesome sexytimes, remarkably uncouth terminology in multiple languages
Prompt: Flirting is the gentle art of making a man feel pleased with himself. -- Helen Rowland at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Belial shows Maion and Vincent how to party like it's 776 BC.
Author's Note: Uh… Belial/Maion/Vincent. It's [livejournal.com profile] eltea's fault YOU'RE WELCOME.

The only thing worse than drinking with a demon is drinking with the demon who owns the bar. )

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Title: Photophobia (Part 3)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,050
Warnings: language, references to sexytimes, angstpocalypse, AU
Summary: Saving Vincent from the threat of starvation does not go according to plan.
Author's Note: Sooooo… Part 1! Part 2! I'm currently stuck in the middle of Part 5, because of school and the liberal helping of failsauce that I have drizzled on my life sundae. And because of the Best RP Ever. Nothing.

Maybe it’s the fever and the near-starvation and the general angelic superiority, or maybe Maion always tastes like a wet dream. )

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Title: Photophobia (Part 2)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,112
Warnings: language, references to sexytimes, angstpocalypse, AU
Summary: Delivering Maion's belongings does not go according to plan.
Author's Note: Took me long enough after Part 1! Fear not, Duvaltees and Maioneers! (I made those up in the shower. Pretty good, right?) I've finished Parts 3 and 4, out of… Idunnohowmany. Maybe five, or possibly six…? …okay, fear a little.

No one answered the door when Vincent made a very Samaritan attempt to deliver Maion’s personal effects last night, which has, in a typical twist of the unmapped highways and byways of existence, left him nursing a third cup of coffee after a largely sleepless day. )

[Part 3]

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Title: The Bridegroom: Episode 4.5
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,519
Warnings: language, sexual situations, blasphemy, inappropriateness… oh, and CRACK
Prompt: catastrophic at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: In Yucca, the fake mining town Belial has populated with Bridegroom candidates, the game is thoroughly afoot. Unfortunately, Maion is in a little—no, a lot—too deep.
Author's Note: New? It's pretty much me snorting lines off of my own ego. :'D Previous Episodes: One, Two, Three, Three-anna-Half, and Four. Also: (1) extra-mega-uber ♥s to [livejournal.com profile] eltea for helping me excise the shitty part; (2) this segment tips the Bridegroom wordcount total over 30,000; (3) HEY, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME ♥; (4) I've already written the first two sentences of Episode 5, although I'm afraid I can't project a posting date. XD

The scent henceforth known as Trouble rises from her everywhere—some critical part of Vincent’s psyche vanishes into the maelstrom of warm hands, soft mouth, skipping pulse. )

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Title: The Bridegroom: Episode 4
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10,503
Warnings: language, sexual situations, blasphemy, inappropriateness
Prompt: Western, offensive and prim and proper, and 'The Smell of Trouble' at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Belial drags the Bridegroom cast out to a fake mining town and coerces all of the candidates into filming an improvised Western. To say that this will end badly is understating matters a bit.
Author's Note: This may be disorienting without previous Bridegroom experience. XD Also, there's tons more on the way; it wouldn't fit in one entry! *dies* (Also, Episodes One, Two, Three, and Three-Point-Five. XD)

Even by the standards Belial has set with unparalleled vigor, this is a terrible idea. )

[Episode 4.5]

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Title: Salvation
Rating: PG
Word Count: 426
Warnings: tone, Apocalyptic predictions, etc.
Prompt: End of the World at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Maion provides an instructive vision of the Apocalypse. Vincent is not impressed.
Author's Note: CHEERFUL, RIGHT? It's okay; the shippiness has clearly won out, and that's much more important than the prospect of the world ending soon. XD Also, eff my new obsession with plastering song lyrics all over my writing; I am a n00basaurus.

Vincent is standing on the curving roof of an elegant building, looking down. )

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Title: Photophobia (Part 1)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,985
Warnings: some language, angstpocalypse, AU
Prompt: weave at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Celebrating Vincent's graduation does not quite go according to plan.
Author's Note: SOOOO… the moral of the story is that listening to the Cars is a dangerous thing to do, because the next thing you know, you're building a completely pointless AU where Vincent and Alistair are significantly younger, Maion and Michael are significantly less powerful, all of the rules are slightly different, characters you and [livejournal.com profile] eltea had make cameos, and Vincent and Maion are ex-lovers who broke up messily when Maion revealed what he was… and then you've pretty much shot yourself in the foot. :P I promise I'll fix the DEATH BY EMO sometime when I don't feel like I've been run over by a cement mixer. X'D

Connor gives a low whistle. “Top of the class, huh? You could at least do us the honor of looking smug.” )

[Part 2]

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Title: Negativity
Rating: G
Word Count: 535
Warnings: crap writing, schmaltz
Prompt: "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" by the Smiths at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Maion refuses to let everyone else's negativity get him down.
Author's Note: If this reads like crap, it's because everything I do is crap right now. :D

It is a distressingly downbeat day at Vincent’s, and the mass of negativity is starting to make Maion’s skin crawl now that his heart has finished sinking like a lead-coated stone in a pool with a magnet at the bottom. )

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Title: The One Where Vincent Works Too Hard
Rating: G
Word Count: 699
Warnings: …caffeine abuse?
Prompt: Messy Room (the Shel Silverstein poem) at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: Every CEO needs a guardian angel who works overtime.
Author's Note: My life is too much of a shambles to be fixed even by über-fluffy slash. There is no hope for me. Please pardon any errors; I'm down to about a quarter of a brain cell, and it has a headache.

Vincent has been up for sixty hours straight—he thinks that’s right; he doesn’t trust his math anymore; he barely trusts his eyes. )

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Title: The Burning Ones
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,819
Warnings: language, relatively mild violence with flaming swords
Prompt: The Pretender at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: The Archangel Michael catches up.
Author's Note: Since finishing FMA, every time I sit down to write, it's like, "This needs more swords! And more guns! And more magic!", which is sabotaging me constantly. XD Anyway, enjoy a rather different side of Maion… This scene will probably appear in the actual novel – by this point, it's come out that Michael is Maion's older(/bigger/greater) brother, and he is not happy about all of the shenanigans Maion's been part of recently. Shit just got real, yo! My apologies if I missed things editing; much of this was written during a two-hour-turned-six-hour train journey while I was moving house yesterday, and the internet thingy we bought today only works on my boyfriend's computer so far. That said, let me know what you think about it technically so that the ~final version~ ends up shinier. ♥

They were so close that Maion could smell it—could taste the sparking current of potential, of anticipation. )

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Title: The Bridegroom: Episode 3.5
Rating: a mostly mild PG-13
Word Count: 1,475
Warnings: all of y'all know the drill – language, crack, gender-switching, crack…
Prompt: catastrophic at [livejournal.com profile] pulped_fictions
Summary: In which a few loose ends are tied up after the recent Bridegroom trauma, and other things come undone.
Author's Note: Episode 1! Episode 2! Episode 3! And now, meet the oft-discussed but never-before-seen Alistair Thompson. This is mostly just a recap, so I hope you'll forgive that about it; please enjoy your dose of crack. XD

Maion blinks uncertainly around the ring of staring faces. )

[Episode 4]


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