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Prompt: "craft"
Wordcount: 1,166
Warnings: some violence
Author's Note: Thank you so, so much to [livejournal.com profile] eltea for helping me brainstorm this one intensely (and for editing at a wretched hour!). ... )

The world slips into dead, white silence but for the crumble of dust in the wake of his shallow breath. )

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Prompt: "strike"
Wordcount: 1,020
Warnings: ...masturbation, oh my; brief language
Author's Note: This was really tough to write. Interpret that statement as you like. (I'm probably going to look at this later and be like, "AAAAHH!!!")

The first strike is the media's. )

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Prompt: "trash"
Wordcount: 885
Warnings: language, sketchiness, alcohol use
Author's Note: I was going to do something deep, and then I remembered that I hadn't written about people getting wasted in almost twenty hours.

Lena is going to get trashed. )

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Prompt: "wings"
Word Count: 726
Warnings: mild language, vague blasphemy
Author's Note: Too much Milton last semester and a prompt like this? It had to be Vincent! XD This sort of picks up after "Reap", but none too intently. :)

Vincent set two cards down and pushed them across the table. )

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Prompt: "Caesar"
Word Count: 1,054
Warnings: guns and war, a bit of language
Author’s Note: Two years ago I was in a performance of Julius Caesar staged as a post-modern political drama -- which was fantastic, and which is the basic premise of this piece.

Rutilus shifts, breathes, and settles again, looking through the crosshairs. )

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Prompt: "oil and vinegar"
Word Count: 890
Warnings: some language, Nick should be shot
Author's Note: Maybe they're just really, really, really, really good friends. :D (And please believe me when I say that Nick is honestly not meant to be offensive, and if he comes off that way, I sincerely apologize.)

Nick hated having class until four on Fridays, but he'd wanted to take this one, and he supposed that weekend-eating agony was not an unusual price to pay for one's educational experience. )

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Prompt: "Morning Glory"
Word Count: 884
Warnings: a whole rainbow of colorful language! :D ...and other assorted sketchiness
Author's Note: Hahahahaha. XD [livejournal.com profile] eltea, I love you. Let's reenact this sometime; I'll be Shawn.

When Shawn opened his eyes, it was very, very bright, and something smelled overpoweringly of extremely cheap liquor. )

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Prompt: "aspirations"
Word Count: 527
Warnings: ...not much
Author's Note: I was stuck on everything else I was trying to write, so I finished this. I don't make sense to me, either. >_> ...oh, yeah, Micah and Todd showed up here first. :)

Todd has pushed the screen out, the better to lean a little ways out the window, cigarette in hand, smoke trailing forlornly towards the eaves. )

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Prompt: "reap"
Word Count: 2,648
Warnings: language, vague blasphemy, fantasy violence, a bit of gore
Author's Note: The people asked for a more personalized mythos for Vincent the Snarky French Vampire (his stage name), and this time I was struck with the inspiration to deliver. Some of this I made up when originally conceiving of the character a little over a year ago, but a lot of it’s completely new. Thanks, as always, to [livejournal.com profile] eltea, and please enjoy! ♥

Vincent was sipping at an extremely good -- and extremely old -- Merlot and doing his taxes when a spot of bright light materialized. )

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Prompt: "flourish"
Word Count: 1,727
Warnings: fantasy violence?
Author's Note: Tooooo much "Merlin" -- and an indelible Backyardigans influence. Oh, my, that's me in a nutshell. These are the same boys we met in "Unity". :)

Adam drops his backpack to the floor. )

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Prompt: "seed"
Word Count: 512
Warnings: drugs referenced, religious themes
Author's Note: Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] eltea for looking it over. And thank you to Wikipedia for existing, since otherwise I probably would've had to call my lawyer!dad and waste his time.

Where it started depended on who you asked. )

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Prompt: "digging"
Word Count: 588
Warnings: some language
Author's Note: Meet Nick and Theo, the protagonists of my Script Frenzy. :D I was stuck with the prompt and figured I'd let them play around, since I need to be thinking about them anyway. :) Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] eltea for beta work, as always! ^^

Theo extricated a portrait-sized picture frame from a pile of fragments like it and raised it to fit his face. )

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Prompt: "Devil's in the Details"
Word Count: 360
Warnings: language, bizarreness XD
Author's Note: Ahahahahaaa...! Oh, God, it's late. XD

Having real, honest-to-God-and-Satan shoulder angels would be fun, right? )

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Prompt: "harmony"
Word Count: 1,117
Warnings: mild language
Author's Note: [livejournal.com profile] eltea rocks my world with her editing skills. ♥ It rained like crazy last week, hence... XD

Rain. Again. )

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Prompt: "flat"
Word Count: 922
Warnings: a bit of language
Author's Note: [livejournal.com profile] eltea is behind all the brilliance, as usual. XD Did I once write things without her? How did I do that? XD

The radio's at it again. )

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Prompt: "beat"
Word Count: 909
Warnings: meh, little bit of language?
Author's Note: It is the hour of night when I hate everything. I need to learn how normal people deal with deadlines. Thanks as always to the inimitable [livejournal.com profile] eltea. :) Oh, yeah, and... Vincent the First and Vincent the Second. Meet Eddikins.

The city was an organism. )

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Prompt: "mortals"
Word Count: 1,822
Warnings: ...pretty much everything; please be discerning! XD
Author's Note: [livejournal.com profile] eltea is behind virtually all of the genius of this. I mostly just came up with a few things, then sat down to write it and scared myself shitless. I may never sleep again. Not that we'll be able to tell the difference.

She loves her forest. )

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Prompt: "myths"
Word Count: 1,443
Warnings: language, drugs, I honestly have no idea what else
Author's Note: Please excuse me while I go pass out in my bed for the five hours between now and when I get up for class. XD Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] eltea for beta-reading. ♥

They'd called him Jason Friday, because 'Voorhees' would have opened up a whole can of vaguely-copyrighted worms. )


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